"I am not a photographer in the classic sense, my images exist to serve a different purpose from those of any true photographer, they are neither complete nor conclusive. Nor are they perfect photographs as of a photography seeking technical perfection. They work not only as image, but as language, as signposts pointing towards meaning ... they do not define, they witness, and in the vast cultural variety of an universe they are a language by itself, my language to describe what I see. They are my own language to try to describe the world as I see it.

Now after many travels, several times around the globe and often to India, I have tried to capture the many different layers of a very complex society within the sacred and profane, within the ever changing digital revolution of today and within the deep old religious roots by documenting the sacred, the presence of the gods in the daily life or their very absence to the many people in a society that rapidly changes into something totally new. Through the viewfinder of a small automatic camera, I have documented this world of change and upheaval where all the cultural codes as we have known them are constantly challenged every day and where for the first time we can experience and witness a new constellation of morals, powers shifts, values that are becoming much more multicultural than during the seventies when I grew up in a white Eurocentric post fascist germanic world that still derived its values from the second world war. A journey that will never end. »

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